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Which is the best forex broker?

According to a 2005 valuation by the Bank for International Settlements the foreign exchange trading market was estimated to be worth $158 million. And with a contribution of an estimated daily trade amount of $4 trillion the global forex market is by far the largest of all global trading markets.

Previously trading forex was carried out solely by investors who had access to large reserves of funds necessary for foreign exchange trading. The growth of trading applications and the appeal of trading online has pushed the forex market into new areas. Increased amounts of leverage are now more available to lower volume investors. Whereas minimum deposits would once have been in the 1,000s of dollars range now they are in the 100s.

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It is possible that an investor can commence trading with only a bank account, a computer and their knowledge of how the market works. It's not difficult to begin trading Forex, but as there are such large numbers of brokers all vying for for you to an open account finding a suitable one is essential to your development as a successful currencies trader.

Acquiring a forex broker

To help you in your research for a suitable broker we have looked at trade aspects, brokerage kinds, money alternatives, forex platforms and customer care provided by several of the most recognized brands in fx trading. Take a look at this listing of fundamentals to consider when making your choice of a suitable forex broker :


A lot of fx brokerages have decreased their minimum deposit amounts to as little as $100. Higher leveraging sums which were before only made available for expert traders are now around for the lower end traders. The major advantage of this is that purchasers can make trades on increased positions, for example with a leverage of 100:1, an investment account of $1,000 can now sustain a position of $100,000. It must be pointed out, that whilst leverage can improve a trading position, it is a form of loan, so whilst the potential earnings can be high the chances of a loss is also greatly increased.

Foreign currencies

Almost all global forex brokerages feature the "major" currencies. The "majors" are the predominant global money, and will include the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar and the Euro, amongst others. Other, less dominant forex currencies can also be found to commit with in the forex sector. The major selling point to this is generally the use of possibly greater degrees of movement in a sluggish currency to a trader’s benefit. So if a currency outside of the “majors” is included in your strategy make sure that it really is on the set of values provided by your chosen broker.Always be sure to be investing on a currency that you have some knowledge.


Every one of the leading forex companies will have taken measures to register with at least one of the primary regulatory bodies. Such a move engenders assurances as it demonstrates a commitment to high principles of investing and customer satisfaction. Sigining up for membership with an unlicensed broker is not only unnecessary but foolish with such a wide selection of regulated brokers out there.

United Kingdom forex brokers account for around 41% of the whole market, making it the largest body. What is also significant is that the British forex firms are made to follow one of the toughest regulatory organisations - the FCA. Unfortunately this hasn't managed to eliminate all unfiar trading practises as some brokers have been found out to be "moonlighting" as a British firm, whilst in reality basing their operation overseas where trading requirements are less rigidly monitored. If you come across a potentially good choice of broker make sure that you dig a little deeper to make sure that they are exactly what they say they are.

Commissions and Spreads

Commissions and spreads are ways that forex brokers make a living. Brokerage fees can be costed either per trade or as a group of deals.. Keep a look out for hidden costs like withdrawal fees which can cut down on your winnings.. 

The variation between a currency's bid price and it's actual price is called the spread, and is usually around 3-5 pips in value.


A lot of fx brokers stipulate that their customers deposit a certain amount of finance into their membership account to balance any losses that may be incurred. This pre-fixed amount is referred to as a margin or margin requirement. Be clear in your following of just what the terms of these requirements may be. A broker can arrange to shut down your account if your balance is exceeded by trading deficits, so take the time to recognise precisely what the consequences of this may be before you tie in to an arrangement that you can’t comply with.

Deposit amounts

All brokers will stipulate a minimum deposit amount prior to the start of trading. Accounts for small scale users will cater for lower deposit amounts whereas the higher end accounts will require a larger layout to begin. With high levels of competition in the fx market companies usually present appealing welcome gifts to draw in business. It will pay you to look around!

Customer Service

Try and get as much information as possible about the type of support on offer with a brokerage firm. Only really using the broker will of course let you see full picture but you can also look for clues in how easy it may be to contact a representative and the kind of learning guides they provide. On top of this, browse through a broker's website to see if they have uploaded any official documentation, or tutorials on how to increase your earning potential whilst keeping down the chances of experiencing a loss.

Trading Platforms

The Meta platform is the most commonly used trading interface amongst brokers. It is well-known for both it's depnedability and functionality and features on mobile device as well as laptop or PC. Some brokers use their own exclusive trading software as well so it is advisable to take the time to find out how effective it is and whether there are any waiting times between communication between their platform and the actual foreign exchange. Fixing of trade prices does happen - so be aware.

Trading forex can involve considerable benefits but it can also involve considerable risk. Trading for real involves considerable skill and has the potential for a loss. There is no system with a failsafe method for winning each time. You can manage the risks by investigating your broker and your method for trading thoroughly. It is highly advisable to begin trading with a demo account so that you can climatize yourself to the trading platform and the conditions that exist in a real Forex trading environment


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