Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The choice of an entrepreneur: Risk or Gambling?

Risk is not related to gambling. Gambling depends on chance. When your business is relying on chance and prayer alone, then you will be gambling on your business.
As an entrepreneur, you should have your business relying on risk and not chance. Risk can be controlled but you cannot control chance. When you choose to go with chance for your business, you are purely applying your idea and having the belief that it will work.
You make things worse when you do your entrepreneurial endeavours if you are doing it because other people are. When you dwell on chance; it does not require you to be creative, be a forward thinker or have any strategy in place. All you need to do is close your eyes and roll the dice.
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When you take a risk, you are an entrepreneur. From the dictionary definition, an entrepreneur is someone who organizes, manages an enterprise. In most cases this is a business that has considerable risk and initiative.
When you are an entrepreneur, you control your destiny which means you are in control and the one who calls the shots. You can do this when still a fulltime employee, a student or doing it fulltime. If you have an idea, make it happen and be passionate about it as you take the risks.
To be successful in business, be ready to dance with failure. If failure is not dancing with you, then you’re not taking the risk and you’re playing safe. Playing safe is what everyone else is doing and all of them are at the bottom of the pyramid while the risk takers are at the top.
There will only be innovation and creativity if you only take the risk. Without risking you will not have an opportunity to grow, evolve and have hope for a better tomorrow. When you risk, you will have the chance to face challenges that will assist you in learning the things you need to push forward and build on.
Fearing to take risks will only remain in the same position. It is always good to be on the edge and think of the possibilities you have. Spend your time with the heretics and innovators.
Talk with the real deals and not followers. This will make you get inspired and have the chance to alter your status quo. This way, you will be a believer and someone who empowers others.

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